ClimaTea Lecture


Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 3:00pm


Seminar Room MCZ, 440

Speaker: Professor Claudia Pasquero from University of Milan - Bicocca

Title: "Air-sea fluxes and intense weather events"

Abstract: Intense weather events are an interesting challenge both for short- and long-term predictions. Understanding the effects that the upper ocean state, with its relatively long memory, has on those events can shed light on the relevant mechanisms that contribute to their formation. Here, a focus is given to the effects that the modulation of air-sea fluxes by SST patterns have on the stability of the air column both in tropical cyclones and in extratropical storms. It is shown that the seasonal mean typhoon intensification rate is mostly dependent on subsurface ocean temperature, and that the location of extratropical rainfall is affected by SST gradients.