ClimaTea Journal Club


Tuesday, April 5, 2016, 3:00pm


HUCE Seminar Room

This week Wanying Kang will be presenting on Cai and Tung (2012) "Robustness of Dynamical Feedbacks from Radiative Forcing: 2% Solar versus 2 X CO2 Experiments in an Idealized GCM." Here are her thoughts on the paper: Feedback parameters have long been used in meteorology to describe how much of total surface temperature change is caused by an agent (e.g. water vapor, cloud etc.). In the two previous papers by Cai and Lu, they extended the definition of feedback parameter, in which spatial distribution of temperature response and radiative forcing response is taken into account. Using this definition, they evaluated the temperature response related to each agent in this paper. They tried to answer why the final temperature responses to x2CO2 and 2% solar radiation look so similar though these two forcings are actually very different, and how much different agents play a role in this response.

Attached are the main paper from 2012 and two previous papers, which introduce the method used for additional background.

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