• The cover image of the report reflects the connections between sea level rise, glacier volume decline, increasing global temperatures, and the increas­ing use of fossil fuels. These data lines compose a landscape shaped by the changing climate.

    Landscape of Change by Jill Pelto. Cover of the Global Oceans and Arctic in NOAA’s Annual State of the Climate Report

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The goal of research in atmosphere, ocean and climate dynamics at Harvard is a better understanding of Earth's weather and climate on time scales from a few days to millions of years.

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A way forward on climate

A way forward on climate

October 5, 2016


McElroy discusses the vision that powers his new book

By Alvin powell, Harvard Staff Writer, Harvard Gazette

Headlines focus on international agreements, sea levels, melting ice, and superstorms, but climate change is most of all an energy problem. Burning fossil fuels to power our cars and heat our homes produces carbon dioxide that transforms the atmosphere into a greenhouse, trapping heat that otherwise would radiate into space.